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Our Mission---About Bongaily

We believe the best experience always wins
How to be a great company, we are always thinking. product quality? number of employees? The company’s market value? ….it doesn’t seem to matter

Customer Experience

Customer experience is the most important factor for Bongaily,
We guarantee that every email will be answered patiently, every problem will be solved as best we can, and every product will be carefully checked

product quality

Each product will be carefully checked for defects before it is sent out. In addition, if the product is intentionally damaged by non-human factors (such as damage during transportation), we will re-send an order for you according to the actual situation.

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product price

As a member of stoners, I am willing to spend money on products I like, but I am not willing to waste my money on prices that are not worth it. This is the problem that most people encounter. 


Therefore, Bongaily guarantees that it will not obtain high profits on the product. We will try our best to lower the price of the product and give each customer a reasonable price on the premise of ensuring the quality of the product. 


When you see a product at a lower price at bongaily, don’t be surprised, and don’t have to doubt it, because we guarantee the same product and the same quality, we try our best to communicate with the brand or manufacturer and even order a large amount of inventory to reduce costs and ultimately give back to every customer.

The excitement continues, join Bongaily, we grow together…..